If you can feel it, it will have to be honed first, a powder won't take it out and definitely not by hand. If you don't have a right angle machine you can try to use a random orbital sander w/ 400-600-800 grit sand paper than polish with hogs hair pad and powder polish. Black marble isn't the easiest to polish to begin with you may need to hit it with #00 or #000 steel wool pads to get to pop
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Subject: [sccpartners] marble question

see the attached photo.

Hi all,

I strictly clean stone.

Anything I can use in the SCC products line to help with this problem? (see attached photo)

Customer place a plant on marble and it left a ring. You can feel the ring (like it is raised above surface but may not be) and see x cuts in the ring. The black dots is where the customer thought using a black marker would touch up the spot. Diameter is slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

Look forward to your suggestions.

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