Nice to hear from you Stu. In MB fashion it was a long one!  Good thoughts for sure and great to hear you are the owner of MB Stone.  

The heat has been terrible up here...I was working in a basement last week and thought I was gonna have a stroke.


Hey got a question for you and others....


I mostly use my Lavina on concrete...but want to use it to restore a honed limestone floor with minor lippage. I want to use it dry because there is no place to dump slurry. Are the foam heads flexible enough to hone a floor without grinding flat? I would use a honing powder at the end but I am a little concerned.


I am sure some of you go dry on limestone because of moisture. Since I have never done this, are there any potential problems with the heat?


John...does SCC sell diamonds for dry use?










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Recently we completed a thirty day job refinishing terrazzo,travertine,botticino, and some black marble. The marble was installed in 1925 right about the time they stopped maintaining it. It was a mess and to make matters worse there was nowhere to dump slurry and all the electric was tied into 15 amp breakers. All the plugs were in the laundry room in the basement and we were starting five floors above.Anyway we ran 100's of feet of ten gauge wire and we used a mastercraft pump vac which was so effective we could have pumped the slurry to another town. The one window on each floor caused the temperature in the hallways to rise above 95 degrees with no air movement at all. Of course those floors all had badly stained cove moldings which we really enjoyed grinding clean and refinishing. In this case we couldn't run our lavina due to electricity concerns so we had to use swing machines on 4000 sq ft of terrazzo which worked fine.
We started at 70 grit metal and worked the floor to about 400 resin and tryed to polish with MB-12. We were making great progress and were happy the end was in sight. The "12" was doing great until somewhere under 100 sq ft the breakers kept blowing as the pad loaded and the drag increased we weren't able to polish with the "12". We also enjoy working with 5x and have gotten pretty good at using it even though it can get a little boring after a while.Not to mention the huge amount of powder consumed by the floor.The "5" saved our asses produced good results and got us home.

During that job we also had another job running of 1000 sq ft 50 yr old travertine badly soiled. I subbed that job out to a wonderful fellow who is comfortable using 5x and I had no objections to his procedure as I know his work his quality and I had no worries. Well we all know each job we take on can has the potential to have issues. For whatever reason when the job was completed the customer was concerned that some areas were not uniform with the rest of the floor. Some areas were glass and others the luster just wasn't maxed out. The travertine was unfilled and crystallizing wasn't an option as it would make a mess. Why would anyone need to do that to travertine anyway.I had to go back a s soon as our schedule allowed it and complete that floor. My sub wanted to go back and redo the floor with 5x again. No way- more mess lots of time and effort for a job that should have been completed. I went back myself and without wasting too much time I was able to pop all the duller areas to the highest luster matching the room that had seemed to have the best finish. Customer was elated and so was I.The follow up was done with MB-12 and was so quick and easy it was comical.
I am not trying to make any point here just relating factual past experiences that Have caused me continuing education in this business.

As stone refinishers and contractors we need to be able to solve any situation that comes our way quickly and efficiently. I believe each one of us as independent businessman should have an open mind and be willing to try different products and or techniques that are proven performers adding to our arsenal of tools so that we can accomplish whatever we are called upon to do.I have learned thru my experience that every tool or product has its limitations. Along with that theory I am aware that what works for one person may not work for another.

I also know that learning how to play golf,tennis, skiing or any technical activity requires determination,will power and lots of practice. But if you have taken the time to learn a skill or activity it eventually becomes second nature and always expands your horizons one way or another. Self confidence and a positive outlook in this business or anything we do in life can be half the battle right there.
I think that it is important that products get endorsements to a certain point but how much credence does a professional give to product endorsements based on single opinions.

Ever see and enjoy a movie a critic said sucked. Ever been to a restaurant that you loved but had never been reviewed and at the same time ever been to a restaurant with a great review that wasn't so great. Ever put on footwear endorsed by a super star only to get blisters.
Being the new owner of MB Stone I get Many questions regarding the use of these products. I also get many positive calls from folks who rave about the polishing products.
The fact is they aren't for everyone!

 But then again is any product?

I would never lock myself into one product ,not that there would ever be a shortage or price increases  but who knows.
While there is this mystery and ambiguity about MB products regarding their use and results those products once mastered produce incredible results.
I think the fact that these products are successfully used around the world is evidence enough that they are credible and worthy of trying.

I would love to see them in the new partner book and would always make myself available to offer product assistance in any way.

Please don't construe this opinion as anything other than an opinion based on my experiences working with stone and connecting with many.


Stu Rosen
"A posse ad esse "

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