Partners, Did you miss this informative webinar by Dr. Fred. The recorded session is now being offered and will be open to the public soon.  Get ahead of your competition and order now..

New Recorded Webinar Reveals Secrets of Going Green In Stone and Concrete Restoration 

 Palm Bay, Fl.   Frederck M. Hueston of Stone Forensics in cooperation with and has put together a poweful and informative new webinar on sustainable restoration and maintenace for stone, terrazzo and concrete. "Sustainable restoration and maintenance is here to stay and many arcuitects and building owners are now requiring that there stone and concrete floors be restored and maintained using Green methods," "Now is the time to learn all you can about going green." says Fred Hueston.   This power packed webinar is full of useful information that will get you up to date as well as show you how to increase your business by going green.   

 Here is what will be covered:  *What is Green* Current legistlation to ban polishing chemicals*  What is LEED* Traditional Restoration and maintenance*Hazardous chemicals currently being used* Symptoms of chemical exposure* Environmental and Air Quality* Can stone, terazzo and concrete be polished using green procedures* Slip Resistance* How much does it cost* Project examples* Beware of Green Washing* Equipment required* Water recycling* Abrasive Burnishing* Product recommendations* Marketing Green Restoration* Cleaning without Chemicals* LEED points* Green Restoration Specification  The seminar was pre recorded during a live session and it is being offered for only $125.00. Further information can be found by contact Fred Hueston at 321 514-6845

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