Hi folks,

I have a customer with a sandstone floor in the kitchen and dining rooms that is composed of brown alternating tiles that are 24" x 5".  In many areas there is bad lippage and she wants it removed.  I have never done lippage removal and I would like some advice on the lippage discs that you use because I need to buy some.  The floor is honed and, over most of the floor, the tiles look dirty, but it seems as if they are universally "etched".  It can be from the installers grout or something.  the floors need to be honed and sealed.  what suggestions do you have for the best sealer to use.  i have some spare tiles and i was going to try so color enhancing sealer to see the results.  i realize that i am asking a lot of questions, but i never worked on a sandstone floor and i am wary of doing the job correctly.  Photos are attached.

Thank You,
Barry V Raduta
Diamond Stone & Tile Care