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There are now available special treatments that can be applied to the surface of tile to render it slip resistant. These treatments are primarily hydrofluoric acid. The acid attacks the surface of the tile and creates microscopic holes. This is what is typically called etching of the surface.  This process works effectively on many surfaces but can decrease the service life of the tile.  Once the surface is treated with this method maintenance will increase.  Since these treatments contain a very dangerous acid, it should only be applied by trained individuals.  Contact your local tile supply store for recommended contractors.


The issue of slip-resistance is of major concern in the US.  Lawsuits are on the increase as con artists continue their search for the big payoff.  Large hotels,  banks and other big corporate building owners are their main targets but they are also targeting the small business. The corner  food store and the local gas station are not exempt from these flim flam artists.

This is not to say that there are not times when a floor surface is not unsafe.  Many factors contribute to the slipperiness of the floor. Water, grease, oil and debris scatted on the floor all can contribute to slipperiness.  The competent architect and designer cannot control what happens to the floor after its installed but he/she can get it started properly.

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Was wondering if anyone out there has come across an effective anti-slip treatment for polished floors. A friend of mine told me about a treatment that employs some sort of micro-etching or something along these lines that does not require a coating.  I often get asked about this sort of thing and I can typically only recommend a coating of polymer, which I don't particularly like.

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