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From: Baird Standish <bairdstandish@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 13:45:04 -0400
To: Restoration and Maintenance<sccpartners@stoneandtilepros.com>
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Subject: [sccpartners] Terra Cotta floor

We are working on a Terra Cotta floor that has a few problems and was looking for a few pointers.  This is, more of a European terra cotta than a mexican saltillo.  We do a fair amount of these every year and typically don' t have that many problems.  As with others, we stripped with Aldon gel stripper which rendered the floor completely free of any coating (it was originally waxed).  We typically apply mexiglaze and build up the layers, and use different types of applicators depending upon the situation.   This time we principally uses a microfiber pad.
The problem is that we are getting a lot more streaking than normal.  I think the problem relates to a flash storm on Wednesday and excessive humidity including a flood in the basement that we found out about on Saturday after applying three coats. My analysis is that the humidity was not letting the coats dry sufficiently and each application was pulling on the one below.  
What I would like to do if possible is remove much of the streaking and continue coating so that the streaking disappears.  I applied a heavy coat yesterday slowly with a finish mop and will check in tomorrow.  It looked better but I could still see evidence of pulling.  We will final coat it with Lifeguard/polymer.  I was going to try a lambs wool applicator tomorrow for my next test.   Wondering if using an orbiter/sanding screens/etc, or perhaps light spot stripping might help even out the floor in spots. We shouldn't have been in such a hurry but the owners were pushing us so that a weekend house tour would happen.  Have been to the Aldon website but not much help.  See pic below.  Thanks.
Saltillo Photo.jpg

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