For floors like this slate I would only use hot water extraction and truck mount system. it will give you a lot better results than the steam or floor machine cleaning. The main difference between truck mount system and steam cleaning is extraction of dirty water and speed. Another benefit is that pressure of hot water will flush everything from crevices and grout lines. With the steamer it takes forever to clean and to towel or vacuuming of dirty water.
With truck mount we can also use more of detergent and with the steamer or floor machine it will foam up creating more mess.
I hope it will help and you can always call me if you have more questions.
Adam Bartos
BiO Tile

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From: Roger Konarski <>
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Subject: [sccpartners] Slate Floor


I have been asked to bid on two slate jobs. Please see the attached picture of one job. What is the best way to clean the slate and brighten up the grout lines?

On the other job, the last time they had it steamed cleaned. Is there any advantage of steam cleaning a floor? If so, what are the advantages?




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