John, Fred and Gang,


I am looking for suggestions on restoring what I suppose is an agglomerate marble tile. (Picture attached). I did a sample polish on the back of a tile and compared it to the new tile, as I want to match the factory finish. I used 120 metal diamonds up to 1500 resin. The shine and clarity in the marble chips are great, however the resin in between lacks clarity, like the factory finish. It does shine good though.


Should I not have used metals diamonds on this stone? Could it have burned the matrix? A close inspection shows very little ripples. The lippage is not very bad on the floor, so I may be ok just with resins.  Should I use a different diamond? Alpha Ceramica Ex for engineered stone? Will triple thick from SCC work well? What can I do to get better clarity in the resin part of the tile?????


Even though this work is for a large volunteer project, I want to be well equipped.


Thanks for your thoughts.






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