These kinds of products may not always be similar between manufacturers, but the Aldon website says that their Lifeguard (their waterbased polymer topcoat) can be applied to any of their solvent based sealers such as SBS (color-enhancing non-topical sealant) or Mexiglaze and others (I can attest to this from experience).  They say to avoid using a solvent based topcoat on a water based bottom coat.  I have also been told by the Sherwin Williams tech that a waterbased epoxy topcoat can be used on their solvent based original coat but not the other way around.

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 7:36 PM, Roger Konarski <> wrote:

Today I finished a job taking a polished marble floor to a honed finished. It was crema marfil. I used a color enhancer that was solvent base. I want to go back and apply another application of sealer. For the second application can I use a water based sealer, if so how long do I need to wait before I apply the water based sealer?

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