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You should price it at 3minutes for 2 square feet for both honing and the polishing segments.  Add an extra fudge factor for prep because you need to paper the overhead ceiling and side walls to prevent the spray from going everywhere.  With the honing shower, it will probably take you about a 1/2 day, so go with a 1/2 day price.  Most likely you will be there a whole day for both, so charge a full day, if you think you can finish it all.


On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 11:11 PM, Info Info <info@restoreyourtiles.com> wrote:
Need to quote a cost of polishing marble walls surrounding bathtub in 2 bathrooms (2.5ft + 5ft + 2.5ft. x 6ft high = 60sq ft each) The condition of 1 is fairly good but the other has some etching and will require some honing, both are dull looking. Does anybody can tell me how long should it take to repolish each and suggest the cost?
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