Call me today around 12 to 12:15 I’m in class now and will be available to talk with you. You haven’t been through my wall and counter top class you don’t know the timing process for the walls and countertops. You as I have a timing process for the floors I have on for walls and countertops. Once you know the timing process you can calculate the cost and the times using the same formulas you use on the floors.

You need to take the wall and countertop class this will give you everything you need to price and time the process.



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Need to quote a cost of polishing marble walls surrounding bathtub in 2 bathrooms (2.5ft + 5ft + 2.5ft. x 6ft high = 60sq ft each) The condition of 1 is fairly good but the other has some etching and will require some honing, both are dull looking. Does anybody can tell me how long should it take to repolish each and suggest the cost?



BiO Tile

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