Take it out and start over.............

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That was my first thought, rip it out.
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In a case like this the client is better served to take out the 25 sq. ft. of slate and redo it.Slate is usually bought in boxes of 10 sq. ft. At a cost of app. $3.00 for tile, and app.$500 for takeout and replacement by a tile setter they are looking at a cost of app. $600.
I work with slate alot and if its old and shaling,you will never achieve the look of an unpatched floor.
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Subject: [sccpartners] Bonding Slate
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Hello Everyone. Here's a question concerning slate.  I have a client who has a slate walk of approximately 5 feet  by 5 feet in front of the back door.  The slate has been damaged/dried out by years of water and  the top layer is delaminating from the underlying base. the top layer is a few milimeters thick.   The top layer has about a one foot wide section already missing leaving a ring and depression in  the middle, with the edges of the ring ready to crumble or tear away. I thought it would perhaps  respond to some form of epoxy squeezed under the edges of the top layer and then sealing the  whole top with some form of sealant
 appropriate for outdoor use.  Any suggestions or  experience? Thanks Baird    --  Baird M. Standish Managing Member Facility Specialists, LLC 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 1122 phone:215-732-7505 fax:	215-546-9160 email: bstandish@facspecs.com www.facspecs.com   --  Powered by http://DiscussThis.com Visit list archives, subscribe, unsubscribe or change your subscription preferences: http://www.discussthis.com/members/sccpartners@stoneandtilepros.com Start a new conversation (thread): sccpartners@stoneandtilepros.com