slate should not be used out door in a climate where there is any freezing weather with moisture.  the only slate that I Know of the will with stand freeze thaw conditions is the quartz slate. Here In Utah regular slate can only be used on verticle sufaces out of doors, horizontal surfaces as in floors will eventually spall till there is nothing left.
tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 6:34 PM, Baird M. Standish <> wrote:
Hello Everyone.
Here's a question concerning slate.  I have a client who has a slate walk of approximately 5 feet
by 5 feet in front of the back door.  The slate has been damaged/dried out by years of water and
the top layer is delaminating from the underlying base. the top layer is a few milimeters thick.
The top layer has about a one foot wide section already missing leaving a ring and depression in
the middle, with the edges of the ring ready to crumble or tear away. I thought it would perhaps
respond to some form of epoxy squeezed under the edges of the top layer and then sealing the
whole top with some form of sealant appropriate for outdoor use.  Any suggestions or
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