I use a synthetic diamond burnishing pad. I’ve used it on two travertine floors just like you described. I normally start with an 800, 1500, and finish with a 3000 grit. I get between 700 – 1500 square feet out of a pad depending on lipage with a 13” floor scrubber. A pad cost about $40 each not including shipping. I get about $2.00 a square with a premium grade penetrating sealer. Good luck !




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I have a customer who had 3000 sq. ft. of Honed and filled Travertine put in his basement.It was sealed with a water based color enhance sealer. The customer is not happy with it because it is streaky and a little sticky. It also is still dirty on the surface.He is wondering the best way to fix the problem.He told us that the floor was cleaned and then sealed.You can rub your hand on surface and pull up dirt. Ideas on quickest and cheapest way out.

Thanks   Tony


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Tony DiBartolo

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