Thought the slate was dry, don't have a water meter.  Do you think the sealer will dry with time, or should we use a stripper to remove it tomorrow and wait several days and then reseal?  Think it will come off with degreaser/stripper, or will we need to use floor machine with black pads and stripper to remove?  

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On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Hector Castillo <> wrote:

Sounds like the floor was still wet when you sealed it?  Do you have water meter to see if the floor is wet?



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Received call from the homeowner stating the floor seems sticky 24 hours after application of the sealer.  Put a light coat of color enhancing solvent based impregnating sealer on black slate after 2 days of stripping acrylic wax.  We used black pads and bare bones stripper to finally get off the wax.  Going back in the AM, any suggestions if sealer still sticky?




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