Hi Tony,
First, do the test to see if it does in fact need to be sealed. If it does, consider the pros and cons of water vs. solvent. Solvent is more toxic and will have an odor, so if you're working in a residence you may want to consider that.
Dr. Fred
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Thanks, Would you use a water based sealer or solvent?

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Get the proper color of  unsanded grout for after the clean.


 If they just want a cleaning, I would.


1.        Vacuum the floor.

2.        Machine scrub it with a neutral  cleaner and a white pad, then extract well.

3.        Do the grout repair, let the stone dry a day or so,  and the new grout can firm  up.

4.       Return after the stone dries to seal it.  


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Good Morning all, I have a polished honey onyx job about 300sq. ft. 12x12 tiles on the floor. The floor is actually in great shape installed 10 years ago.I have to repair a little grout. He wants it cleaned,buffed and sealed. What is the easiest way to do this?Again it is in great shape,hard to beleive but it is.I never dealt with onyx before.

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