The Marble cleaner from SCC is a great cleaner, safe and will kill germs.  Plus, remember,lysol kills both the bad and good germs.  Super bacterias developed such as MRSA because of all the uses of anti-biotics anti-bacterial disinfectants.
Lysol is basically a stripper, so instead of cleaning, they are stripping their marble.  Your restoration work has been compromised by their lack of knowledge.  Have them read the careguide and give them a cleaning 101.  As I mention to my clients, about 95% of these products on the market keep me in business.  They claim to be safe but really, they aren't always what they claim.
If you had completed a bad restoration job, it would have been recognized from the get go.  But after you finished, the surface looked great.  It wasn't until after they used a strong product, that the surface began to look bad.
Again, I would offer them a marble cleaner and get them to read the care guide.
Lots of luck,
Georgia Rivera

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 6:08 PM, <> wrote:
Customers needs a non acidic disinfectant for marble bathroom floor. Wants to use Lysol because its "the only germ killer out there" and the reason that the polish is coming off is because" I did a bad job. "
Suggestions ....?????
Paul Bunis
Xtremeclean Tile - Boston Stone Restoration
Specialty Stone Care

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