Great Info- This is such a big topic and very complex as well. Next time you see a Disinfectant commercial listen to the language. Makes you wanna become a bacterial assassin.
Amazing what is happening in our country regarding these topics. Thank you Kris.

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 2:39 AM, Kris Dougherty <> wrote:
Great comments.
 True bleach is the most used product over the years and is as well approved as an E2 rated cleaner to use around food and is the old approved standby and is pushed by the government for use in a lot of cases. Bleach should be used in a 7% solution and have a dwell time  and contact time of 7 minutes. I would be shocked if only 50,000 bleach related accidents happen every year in the USA. The chlorine gas and the damage to fibers has to be huge not to mention most areas are not rinsed after their use and the improper mixture of other cleaning chemicals to cause mustered gas.
Hydrogen peroxide is in the bleach family as well.
I agree disinfectants, quats, germicides and sanitizers are misused and over used. Some bacteria have a hard outer shell and require longer dwell time to break through to destroy. Different bleach products are used for the removal of mold and algae. They appear to remove the mold when in fact they only clear the mold and do not destroy the roots, therefore the mold grows back at a faster rate.
The truth is most floors just need a small amount of cleaning solution containing little surfactants and wetting agents to remove most common household dirt and germs.
 Your spot on in this information.
In fact the use of these special products is like using pesticides. I do not think that most people would spray their home every day or every week with pesticides. Yet in effect this is what is being done.
The removal of all bacteria and germs from our body's is not so good as then our systems do not build up an immunity.

 I am shocked at the amount of cleaners you can find in the average home. And almost always you have bleach base products right next to ammonia based cleaners.
No MSDS needed and no training required at home.
Something like 350,000 additional people in the USA each month will turn 65.  Just this fact of an aging population alone are causing more accidents to include slip and falls at an alarming rate. The buildup of chemicals on floors from improper use is a leading cause of a lot of accidents today. The use of a slip meter will become an important tool to protect a business from the rapid growing insurance claims today and in the future.

Kris Dougherty
Marble Floors and More LLC

On 3/22/2011 10:13 PM, stuart rosen wrote:
I agree with darek-1.5 oz of bleach in a quart of water is probably safer to use in a household for disinfecting than most epa regulated disinfectants. Even bleach has its pros and cons as there are something like 50,000 bleach related accidents every year. We also tell customers to use 3%-6% volume hydrogen peroxide straight or diluted 50 -50 in water. Some what safer but weaker dilutions require longer dwell times. Seems to be somewhat safer as people use it for mouthwashes and wound cleansing and it breaks down to water. Most common disinfectants  are toxic and could have serious health consequences for women and children. They are also contributing to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria,which is leaving us with fewer tools to combat infectious diseases. One of the reasons for this is that most disinfectants have a dwell time to effectively kill its intended targets. When the dwell times aren't followed not all the bacteria is killed thus making the bacteria stronger and resistant to to those products. How many homeowners (or their help) do you work with that are going to adhere to the labels instructions.
Disinfectants are important in hospitals and institutions not to mention food processing places.
While I think homes that have sick people such as family members who are undergoing chemo ,ms or aids will have a need for disinfectants.
Do we need these products in our homes if we practice good cleaning and hygiene.
I am not sure if the average consumer is aware of the proper uses of these products. On the contrary due to the media and marketing it seems consumers are pushed into overuse and not informed about the dangers to our health and enviroment.
While we would all like to upsell products to our customers this is one area that we should inform them of the pros and cons of disinfectants.
Maybe it is time that consumers took a step back and used more natural and enviromentally safer disinfectants.
We have started telling our customers how we feel about the use of disinfectants and we have been getting good feedback from that. 
Just my thoughts.

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 8:37 AM, John Freitag <> wrote:



There is a product made by a Company called Betco and they use to have and disinfectant that was acid free.  I will check with them.  Depending upon the cleaner  t upon the cleaner  the customer is using could and probably is the reason the polish is so called coming off.


I would suggest taking some of her cleaner and applying it on a new piece of stone and see what effect it has then so it to the customer , if fact I would leave the stone with the customer and allow the customer to see the effect the cleaner if this is what’s happening.



John E. Freitag


The Stone and Tile School

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Customers needs a non acidic disinfectant for marble bathroom floor. Wants to use Lysol because its "the only germ killer out there" and the reason that the polish is coming off is because" I did a bad job. "

Suggestions ....?????

Paul Bunis
Xtremeclean Tile - Boston Stone Restoration
Specialty Stone Care

"Begin with the end in mind"

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