I just did that stone this week. Stopped @ 400 grit and I always use Diaglow on that stone. Keep the grout lines clean or they will lighten up on you ./  

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B emperador polished up like glass.
Hard to see the detail in pic but 400 g may not have been deep enough to remove wear.
Check to see if you have topical or wax maybe mop and glow.
If so remove the topical.
You may b over/under polishing as well.

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 8:46 PM, Randy Frye <rfrye@comcast.net> wrote:
If you have done a final clean and buffing, You might try a light crystallizer over it to bring back some color.
 Worst case you might need to re- cut with 400 resin and try polishing then. Use a window squeegee to swipe during polishing to get an idea of how long to polish. Of course if its a darker stone carry back to 1800 then monitor the polishing with the squeegee. I think it was to long with the polishing.
Hope this helps
Randy, Cleaning Edge, Naples FL  

On 3/27/11 9:25 PM, "Schubert Jacques" <sejacques1124@aol.com> wrote:
Hi partners
Has anyone experience  this before?  I took this floor from 400 to 1800 & was very generous with the 5 X   I am getting a haze that looks like a white film. Any suggestions?

Best Regards

Schubert E Jacques
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Best Regards

Schubert E Jacques
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