Dr Fred: i hoping you will clairify once and for all about polishing compounds (ex: Aqua Mix marble reviver) or (Gran Q's 206R) -vs- 205x polish powder
Do the aqua mix and 205r recrystalize the floor to an unbreatheable condition???
The PhD chickie from aqua mix in ca told me that yes it crystalizes but to a breathable state
My now ex rep from GQ never could answer the question about 206R
I like the compounds because they are a little easier than 205X,I have been using them primarily on terrazzo restoration,since we used AM reviver on a new travertine install honed to 400,where we suffered a litte more that normal spalling,the fix was not a proublem but was our situtation possibly "poor quality stone" or "unbreathable stone"???????
I attached a couple pics of last weeks terrazzo restoration,of horrible condition 55 year old terrazzo,ground for deep scraches 50, honed to 400, polished GQ206R,sealed GQ314P,buffed white dry,w/burnisher
Dr. Fred,we would love your  "gut honest" oppionion and constructive or criticul comments from everyone
Thanks, Sincerly:  Scott Wilson   Wilson Stoneworks Inc.