crystallization by it's self will not cause yellowing.  but if they polished using steel wool when the stone was wet would.  was there any resurfacing done prior to the polishing or heavy cleaning that would have left moisture.  Also the other reason a limestone floor could turn yellow is a reaction of hard water with the natural iron in the stone.  To fix this u might try polishing with 5x this may help remove the yellowing.

From: Mike Marsoun <>
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Sent: Sat, April 2, 2011 4:24:22 AM
Subject: [sccpartners] crystalization

Got a call from a guy who said he had someone out to polish some limestone, and said it was looking terrible and turning yellow. I skse, “did he use a spray bottle” he said yes and I told him I thought it might be that he used “crystallization” and it has trapped moisture in the stone, etc.   Need to support my claims. My word against this other guy at this time.


Found Freds classic article on his blog.  Any other suggestions? 

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