If the stain is from the varnish then I would first try to razor blade off the varnish. Then use some paint and varnish remove. If there is still some staining mix up a poultice using the paint and varnish remove into a fuller clay the clay , the clay will hold the poultice in place and then treat this poultice like any other poultice.


Check the internet for a supplier of the fuller clay Google it !!!



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Subject: [sccpartners] how to poultice stains from on the wall?


I got the request from the customer to remove the stain from the backsplash. This made me thinking: how to keep poultice on the stain and prevent from coming down?


The stain was made by varnish used to refinish kitchen cabinets. Material - honed travertine, sealed prior to staining. Mineral spirits or goof off cleaned up just a little from the surface but it seams stain penetrated the surface of the stone. Stone was sealed before the staining.


Any ideas or suggestions?


Adam Bartos

BiO Tile

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