Hi All,
I am working up an estimate to hone & polish a 17'x22' den with 12"x12" marble tiles that the customer wants completed with a high polished finish. Its basic color is rose/pink, as I'm not sure of its origin or name and neither is the customer (see attached photos).  She said it came from Home Depot and her contractor son had it installed about 5 years ago.  Thanks if you're able to educate me on its origin.  I'm seeking advice on how to handle the several tiles that have lippage greater than or equal to the thickness of a penny.  It doesn't bother the customer at all since she's lived with it all this time.  I'd like to know if it is wise try and remove/not to remove the lippage, if so how would you go about it, as well as how much additional cost could it add and/or if it will polish out just fine without removal since the customer is OK with it.  As always, any and all advice would be appreciated.
Continuing to hone and polish my skills,
James Billeaudeau
Diamond Marble Polishing
Lafayette, LA (The original LA)