recommend trying an alkaline based stripper to remove seal then apply StoneCare Central Solvent based sealer.  Be sure to test prior to bidding the job to make sure the seal can be removed with an alkaline based stripper. If this does not remove the sealer you will need to use other more aggressive stripper that may increase the time required to remove the sealer . If you know the name and manufacturer of the sealer contact them and they should be able to tell you how to remove it.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Don Kasch
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 11:25 PM
To: Restoration and Maintenance
Subject: [sccpartners] sand stone


Hi,  I have about 2000 sq.  ft.  of santafiora sand stone on a out side patio.  Someone put a desert sealer on it,  and now it is turning milky looking and flaking in some areas.  The customer would like it removed and a penetrating sealer applied. what sre some suggestions for removing the coating.

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