The stripper will remove the mop and glow. You can use a black stripping pad or a brush to remove the wax. I prefer using a brush. Regarding the agglomerate use the same diamonds as you use for your marble restoration. As a reminder if you are using the StoneCare Central triple thick diamond for you marble this is the only marble diamond you need unless you are going to remove lippage. Basically you only ever need marble diamonds, granite Diamond and Concrete diamonds if you are doing concrete. Don’t let anyone talk you into buy a bunch of different diamond s you don’t need !


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From: [] On Behalf Of Barry Raduta
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Subject: [sccpartners] Mop and Glow buildup on marble floor


Hi Folks,

I am going to be working on a marble kitchen floor with a 2+ year build up of mop and glow.  My plan is to use a black pad with SCC's heavy duty stripper/ degreaser to remove the wax prior to restoring the floor.  Should this process take care of the problem?  If not, what procedure would you use? 
Another question.  Are agglomerate marble tiles restored the same way as normal marble tiles?  By that I mean using resin diamond pads and a polish?

Thanks for your help.

Thank You,
Barry V Raduta
Diamond Stone & Tile Care

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