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[sccpartners] Looking for Help - Important

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some help from Partners and I wanted to give you some updates on quite a few things.

Here is what I am looking for help on:
It's built, but we are still working on content. This site is just one of the new sites that we are developing to promote Partners. This one is being created to drive consumers to it for help with tile and grout cleaning, sealing, restoration. I would like to have this site ready for the public by Friday July 1.

For this I am looking for articles. Here are the topics for articles that we felt had great consumer value (and great keywords):

I have asked Dr. Fred and John Freitag to contribute some articles, but here is something to keep in mind. Anyone that contributes article will not only get credit, they will get another quality link to their site. 

I need Before After images: all images will be credited to the contributor. I know some of you have incredible before and after images. I will be contacting some of you directly to get your permission to use your photos (again... making sure you are credited with the image.)

Just FYI There are a number of new features that have been done but are not uploaded to the site yet.

For example...

--- on the testimonials, we are adding a string of data to state who the testimonial was for. You will see a lot of 'fake text.' This is done so the styles can be in place before we have actual content. 

--- locate a pro. This will be a dynamic locator tool. Consumers will put in their city and postal code. Listings for Partners will show based on your market area/s. If no one is in that area the user will be directed to submit a request for service and one of us at stp will contact partners that may be able to service that job.

Also, any ideas on what this site should include? We will be doing some heavy internet / seo promotion on this site.

We are also working on some more directory / informational sites. We've purchased some great domain names! Stay tuned for more info...  :)

The Stone and Tile Advisory Magazine
The Online magazine is very close to being ready to publish. This magazine is being designed to educate the public and provide interesting and valuable articles. Users will be able to subscribe to it, print it, search it, and more. We will be publishing a new issue every quarter. In addition to educating consumers, we will be using it to drive them to our Partners for products and services. (we're doing lots of creative things here...!)

Other works in progress:
  • we have been working feverishly away on the new Partner Center. It should be ready to put up on the server by the end of the week. (Crossing my fingers...
  • Your new Partner Books are very close to being done as well. I will probably have a preview PDF version for you within a few days. However the full printed versions will be sent to you as soon as possible.
  • We've finished filming some videos and they are being edited now. These videos will be very helpful for everyone. More on this soon.
  • Anyone need QR codes or have questions about them? (QR Codes are those funny looking codes that people scan into their smart phones to go to a specific internet place)

Deborah Shaw

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Deborah Shaw
Stone and Tile PROS, Inc.
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