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The cost is going to depend upon the time and chemicals needed to remove the glues, the glue is going to come off easy or hard, I would plan on hard and would not price until I tested the glue removal. For as much as the pricing use the formula I taught you in training to determine the time needed to complete each section and the number  of diamond cuts you need to do. You will probably need to start with a 50 grit do 50, 120 220 then add the concrete densiflier and then hone up to 1800 to achieve a great shine, if you desire more gloss let the floor dry well then go back and crystallize the floor. Once you know the time need to complete the job then calculate you price based upon the cost of materials and supplies   X your desire profit margins.


The unknown is the time and chemical cost to remove the glue. Test  before pricing.



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Hi Everyone,


I am doing an estimate on an old concrete floor that had carpet glued down to it.  They want it polished.  I’m interested in finding out what price range most of you charge. 


Thanks for any and all input.


Tony Warney

Excel Stone and Tile Care

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