Terrazzo and Tile suppy in Chicago can match the terrazzo. You will have to mix chips and   portland cement to fill the holes to match. You may have to enlarge the holes. Allow patch to cure for 24 hours and than grind them flat and polish

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I am looking at a terrazzo polishing job that requires patching some shallow indentations and also filling in holes in the floor that run all the way through.  A few of these are in the middle of the floor, but most are along the edge where the original terrazzo floor broke away.  My two questions are: 1. What is the procedure for repairing the holes that run straight through the floor (is this something I can do my self? how do I create a base under the hole so that I can fill the hole? etc), and 2. If I want to match the texture/color of the terrazzo, is there a product out there that simulates the original terrazzo (I have heard of someone who can make up a patch formulation if a sample is sent but that is all I have to go on). 

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