This is a marble and all you need to do is hone it and polish it. The etch does not look to be too deep you may be able o polish it out with 5 X polishing powder. . if it does not polish out hone it and polish it.

It’s very unusual for granite or quartz to etch, and when these stones do etch the etch is not usually a solid etch, the granites and quartz materials etch when there is still calcium present in the stone and the etch mark is more a spotty etch meaning that the stone is etched in an area then skips between the other minerals in the stone then etches  again.


On marble the etching is usually pretty uniform.



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I have been asked to take care of some etching on a table.  The site is fur peace from here so I asked that they send me a picture.  In looking at the picture, I am not really sure what this material is.  Is it Quartzite?  And does anyone know how this might respond to honing and polishing  Thanks for your help.



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