Hi Partners,
Took a look at a potential clients "brand new" marble table top she said had what looked like scratches on the surface.  Upon seeing the piece, I noticed that what looked like scratches seemed to actually be cracks in a thick clear topcoat coating the entire table top.  I could take my fingernail and slightly pull up on the edges of coating at the cracks and they were all over the place.   She ordered the piece from some Internet site and when it was delivered in February of this year, the "cracks" were already there.  They have been giving her the run around for months and now suggested she contact someone to "repair" it.  I don't quite know what to do with it but told her I'd seek advice from others with more expertise.  Any advice on repairs, or re-coating?  Thanks in advance.  (Photos attached)
James Billeaudeau
Diamond Marble Polishing
Lafayette, Louisiana