Hello Partners,
Took a look at restoring nearly 300 sq ft of a white marble with gray veining installed in a foyer and bathroom. Customers installed the floors themselves many years ago, and it has lots of lippage.  It's not that bad, just plentiful, and they inquired about flattening the floor.  Since I've not flattened a floor before, I'm seeking your expert advice on what it takes to do so.  Some questions that come to my mind are: Do I need anything other than my current inventory of 50 grit to 1800 grit resin diamonds for grinding?  Will my Mastercraft Quarry Master floor machine suffice?  Is additional machine weight necessary when flattening?  Would it be beneficial to have them remove the toilet & basin in the bathroom?  When flattening, do I have to grind the entire floor?  I'm sure I may have missed some other things, so any and all advice would be appreciated.  Finally, how to charge for such and any recipe for times needed when grinding would also be needed so that I could provide them with a cost estimate.  I've attached photos, and as always, thanks all of you for your valuable advice.
James L. Billeaudeau
Diamond Marble Polishing
Lafayette, Louisiana