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Subject: Tile and Grout Cleaning Services, and more...
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Hi all

If you offer tile and grout cleaning services, please read this important message:

1. Please make sure you are listed as a PRO on  If you are not, please email us at

2. Although we are not a franchise we have established quality standards that all have agreed to. At we are telling consumers two important things:

a. that all companies listed that offer Grout ColorSealing use a high quality ColorSeal that includes constant acting mildewcides. If you do not use GROUT PERFECT (which is our endorsed color seal product) please make sure the ColorSeal product you do use is verified as approved by Stone and Tile PROS (in order to be listed on

PLEASE NOTE: I am hearing from some of you that your are not getting your discounted prices at Grout Perfect. PLEASE make sure you are telling them you are a Partner any time you place an order.

b. Please make sure your company abides by the following promise to consumers:
"When you hire a Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partner, you are hiring a company that cares about you and your family, your home and your pets. We will wear protective booties over our shoes when we come into your home, and mask off and protect surrounding areas while we are working. We are careful to use chemicals and products that are as friendly to the environment as possible. " *

* If you recommend different verbiage here, let me know.

Also, reminder: I need as many good before and after pics as I can get. This means two separate images (one before, one after). You will get full credit and a link to you.

On the testimonials, we have enough to go live but remember -- you WANT to be listed and linked to from here. It is to your advantage.

We are starting to do SEO on this site now so there is urgency to get it 'company' ready. I will be posting the articles and other content that has been provided. Remember... any articles you write you will be given credit for and a link to you. You can also say on your site that you are a contributing author to (you can also use the article on your own site)

Any questions, please email me at:

Just FYI... we are buried a bit right now (ok, more than just a bit...) anxiously trying to finish up some great things for all of you. If you don't reach us on the phone, bear with us, and please send email for any need. We are trying to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner.

UPDATE on other things:

Stone Advisory Magazine should be published early next week
Videos from the cruise are ready.... more on this soon is days away from being ready
New Care Guides have been done and everyone's sites are being updated
Partner Center backstage --- lots of great things in the works; more on this soon
IICRC - Standards/Certification Dimension Stone Maintenance and Restoration Craftsman - I will be in Vancouver WA next week. Can't wait to bring back news on this.
Partner Book. You should have this in your hands some time very soon.
Stain APP - We created a stain app for your smart phones, Ipads, etc. It does need to be 'cleaned up' a bit (make it pretty) but send me an email if you would like to have this. 

We are still pluggin' away on a number of other projects... not to mention working on Partner sites, etc. Our most urgent next goal is to start having our monthly Partner Meetings on line. More on this very soon!

Deborah Shaw

Stone and Tile PROS, Inc.
(877) 715.5313 option 2

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Deborah Shaw
Stone and Tile PROS, Inc.
(877) 715-5313 option 2

"A professional resource and support organization for quality stone and tile craftsmen and their customers."
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