Sometimes you can end up with a few pullouts in the patch-dont let them drive you crazy. We just mix up some polyesters to match the chip colors and float them into the pullouts then very lightly sand them and use diamonds to finish. I never tried painting,I think it would take to long and not last.  

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core drill bit for drilling faucet can cut through 50 holes in about 30 minutes...just tap it out with a cold chisel..we tap out the edges as well to get an uneven look, so when you make the repair, it looks can also use a masonry bit on a hand drill, works great for the smaller holes
the best abrasive by far for grinding the patch down is the zec wheel...leave it about 1/16th inch high, then smooth out with your diamonds...this way you dont leave divots in the floor

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Hi, Thanks to the advice I received from a number of you all, I successfully patched a number of holes in an old terrazzo floor (I used stones and matrix supplied by terrazzo and marble supply in illinois).  However, due to my ineptness in cutting the sides of some of the holes straight down, some of the matrix on the edges of the patches did not hold the stones and so there is some unevenness in some of the patches.  My brilliant idea to fix these is to attempt to paint little cream colored patches on the epoxy matrix around the edges to do achieve a better visual blend.  Was wondering if anyone out there has attempted this and what kind of paint should I buy. 
Secondly, for the future, what sort of tool is best for cutting straight walls in the patch holes?  A worm drive is too big and doesn't cut curves, and the dremel or drill just doesn't budge the stuff. 

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