You are in my prayers my friend. 
A wise proverb I have thought much about myself recently is "a calm heart is the life of the fleshly organism", so keep your thinking positive and you will be fine.

Jason Francis

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Thank you to both, you and Pam for sharing your results and raising everyone else's awareness to personal health. I pray that all goes well with the surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless!

Kevin Hudson
N-Motion Stone and Tile Restoration

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To all my fellow Partners;


I want each of you to know I will be out of the office starting on Thursday for approximately 1 week. I should be able to answer emails and phone call by the first of next week.

I’m going into the hospital for surgery, and I am asking each one of you if you have not had your yearly physical please take time to do so. I was always too busy to take the time , I always felt great so foolishly I rarely ever went to the Doctor. Several month ago Pam finally made me go to the doctor for a physical. Well I still feel great , but the doctor found my PSA blood test came back high. I had no history to compare the testing to so I had to be tested more.


After several test the doctor confirmed I have prostate cancer, moderate to medium level, cancer was found and now I have to go through surgery to remove my prostrate. IF I WOULD HAVE HAD MY YEARLY PHYSICALS I WOULD NOT BE GOING THROUGH THIS , SO GUY’s IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TESTED GET TO THE DOCTOR AND GET IT DONE!!! With early discovery the treatment would have been easier.  The doctor has told me once the prostrate is gone I’ll be Fine !!!


This message is not just for the guys , ladies you need to do the same. Your physicals are just as important.  In February 2010 Pam found  she had breast cancer and after 3 surgeries , chemo  and radiation she is doing great and the doctors say she is now cancer FREE. In Pam’s case ladies , she was only 1 year and 6 month between her exams. In that short of time the cancer grew and had to be taken care of. If she would have postponed her exam even longer the outcome would have been much worse.


The message I’m sending to all is take care of your health get your physicals and live a long life.





John E. Freitag


The Stone and Tile School

Office 407-567-7652

Cell 407-615-0134




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