I believe there are enhancers that will not darken to black, but the issue could be that it was already sealed with an impregnator.  Rehoning is the only method i know that will remove the sealer without using harsh chemicals, but there is always a chance now that an enhancer wont take evenly in the stone.  Maybe someone has an easier method or better idea.

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I have been working on a project for the last couple months. Client had
basalt shipped unfinished and installed in his new home. They have 3,500
sqft. on main floor. We were hired to finish on site. At first they wanted
stone brought to 200 finish and color enhansed. After our initial cut they
fell in love with the lighter gray color and asked us to change the finish
to exclude the color enhanser. Now that we have brought the whole floor up
to 200 and sealed (and cabinets/appliances etc. have been set) they are
not quite loving the color they have. Their question and mine, Is there a
color enhanser that will not darken the stone to black, like the example I
did with the StoneTech enhanser? Each pass with the diamonds darkens the
stone a degree. I'm open to suggestions. Should I reccomend one more pass
up to 400 to change the shade a little? Is there anything out there that
will slightly alter the shade of the stone? I look forward to your input.
Thanks in advance.

46 delippage disk
70 grit metal
100 grit hybrid
200 grit resin

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