I would first try to determine what is causing the mold.  What is the travertine installed on?  Concrete, shower, etc.  Also, what is the current condition of the travertine and grout?  Is the travertine etched, is there any efflorescence, is the grout cracking or coming out, etc? What type of grout is it?

We use http://www.stonecarecentral.com/product_p/sps-tg-mildewsr.htm

But depending on what the issue is, what the customer wants or expectations are (i.e. clean or remedy) and how it is installed, this will determine the plan for treatment.  Bleach has been known to clean mold, but remember it is not healthy and it can strip and discolor.  

Are you trying to clean it or remedy it?

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On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Carl Staples <cpstaples@msn.com> wrote:
We use bleach
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Any suggestions for the best way to get mold out of grout lines in travertine?

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