It may be difficult to do without grinding the floor flat but you can try to do  hard polish with some 5x powder. Of course this will depend on how bad the cornors have rubbed off. Try this first. The next step would be to try a light hone with a 400 grit.  Tell the customer there is no guareentee.  If they want it the Dive in Look than they will have to pay for a full grind

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Don Kasch <> wrote:
hope someone can help, I have aprox. 2500 sq ft of a light marble 24x24. in shipment some of the corners rubbed the polish off. alot of the marble has already been installed and they would like not only to fix the corners but the lady would like the polish to be like she could dive into it!  the floor is pretty flat but there are slight height differences is some of the tiles. I'm trying to stay away from a full grind down but... What do you think

Don Kasch
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