I think your contractor may be right, I have seen this condition before, where an installer will use a product like sand topping mix for shower pan and not let it fully cure,(sometimes requiring three days) then will install without backbuttering stones with white mortar, or in order to save time place stones into the pan while the material is wet and let it bond and cure with the pan,and now you see the gray mortar begins to "wick" through the Stone. The fix is messy, time consuming and very expensive, requiring demo and replacement of those stones,or learning to live with it . "blessings"
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Has anyone ever seen this before?  I tested a area with bleach to see if it was mildew and it was not.  I tried honing an area to see if it was topical it was not.  I asked the owner if she had ever used hair dye or any other bath supplies that may have that color in it. Reply was no.  Their contractor suggested that it may be from the floor pan. But as you can see it is on the shower bench in photo #85.  Excuse the color different on the bench photo I used a flash.  And it has a different exposure but is the same color stain as the floor.
picture #85
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