i was involved with a very similar problem last year. 24 inch highly polished crema marfil, with scratches in the corners..finally I had them show me some of the tile that had not been installed, sure enough they all had the same scratches from inferior finishing at the factory. 24 inch is really hard to install and leave a flat floor. I wonder did they use sanded grout? As I understand my competitor went in a just crystalized it and walked away with 5k for one days work..the 5k was witheld from the tilesetters end even though it was not his fault. My solution would be to run the 1800 or 3000 grit vortex pads under a low speed, maybe powder polish it, this will get to the low spots and really bring up the shine..Or you could do like Jim did ! Good luck either way

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Most shipments come crated with finished sides facing each other standing in tight crates with dunnage and packing material. Haven't seen many get damaged unless the crates loosened up.
 Unless this was repacked here it could have been scratched by the installers moving the goods or trying to sand down high spots.
You mentioned only some of the corners were damaged-are they scattered throughout the installation or in the same area. Why would the installers place the damaged ones  with out notifying the clients. well to late for that.
It also worries me when a customer doesnt sound happy about the original factory finish. How shiny is it now and what are her expectations-do you have a gloss meter?  Remember she wants a finish she could dive into! And its a brand new floor.
Anyway you have to treat them like scratches . I think it is important to know how soft or hard this stone is .
I might consider addressing each damaged corner with a makita,3 inch pad driver and a 3 inch countertop diamond (220g,400g) If you can put a couple of guys on this if it is a reasonable amount of damaged areas they could probably knock it off fast.(Maybe use dry diamonds)
 Then Maybe run a thin diamonds on a flex pad(like john said) with a rubber spacer between the pad and the diamonds over the whole floor I wouldnt go higher than 400g(but she wants to dive in!) that will match your handwork. Then polish with your favorite polishing powder.
Could probably run over the damaged areas with 250 honing powder(if you didnt want to run the hand machines) then hone with diamonds and polish.
If you run the tests do an adequate area to gauge your results. 
Oh yeah-get paid before she dives!

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 9:37 AM, John Freitag <jfreitag@thestoneandtileschool.com> wrote:
That may or may not work. If there are truly rub marks , it may work but more than likey those rub marks are probably light scratches and will need to honed to remove them totally.
Before pricing the job do a TEST  to see what you actually need to do.
John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
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Use a tampico pad on your machine from Granquartz, that will get the low spots. 
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You might be able to avoid grind by using the flexible polishing pads available at Granquartz and others. I have had some success using them on shower walls and flooring jobs. They hit a lot of the picture framing that diamonds skip over. Also if you do not have a flexible velcro base, try Gorilla tape to tape the diamonds to a pad. It gives flexibility. Good luck
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hope someone can help, I have aprox. 2500 sq ft of a light marble 24x24. in shipment some of the corners rubbed the polish off. alot of the marble has already been installed and they would like not only to fix the corners but the lady would like the polish to be like she could dive into it!  the floor is pretty flat but there are slight height differences is some of the tiles. I'm trying to stay away from a full grind down but... What do you think
Don Kasch
Floor Restoration Specialists

Stu Rosen

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