RSR is composed of mainly ammonium thioglycolate which is a weak acid and used by hairdressers to make hair curly. It works ok on some rust as it has a reaction and turns purple. May not hurt to try but I would stick to the peroxide poultice using diatomaceous earth and see what you get. Better yet tell your client how to poultice and see what they get. 

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 2:13 PM, Michael and Tammy <> wrote:
Since I last wrote in. I went at the stains with a very aggressive diamond and was able to lessen it.  Therefore I believe it is coming from the top and not coming though the bottom.  It  has penated to deep to remove  mechanical so I prefer to remove it  chemically.   I have also learned that the sewage system has backed up in the past.  I was going to test it with 35% hydrogen peroxide for organic matter.  A friend of mine suggested that I test an area with RSR 2000 from Alpha. From what I understand it removes more than just rust stains. 
From: Michael and Tammy
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Has anyone ever seen this before?  I tested a area with bleach to see if it was mildew and it was not.  I tried honing an area to see if it was topical it was not.  I asked the owner if she had ever used hair dye or any other bath supplies that may have that color in it. Reply was no.  Their contractor suggested that it may be from the floor pan. But as you can see it is on the shower bench in photo #85.  Excuse the color different on the bench photo I used a flash.  And it has a different exposure but is the same color stain as the floor.
picture #85
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