Have to agree with John,, not to mention that there may be some adverse reactions

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prosoco has a producct called H100 that can be used on Sandstone. their website is www.prosoco.com. It is a consolidation product.
I would not think a concrete densifier would be of any use on sandstone since there would not be calcium, or much of it, to interact with , since a sandstone should be mostly quartz based..although all these stone vary a bit, and your sandstone may benefit, but I wouldnt say it would benefit much. I f its been treated already with 3 coats of dry treat, I wouldnt think much would penetrate at this point

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Has anyone tried to densify sandstone?
I assume it would not work on a quartzic sandstone, but may be possible on a calcerous sandstone, (ASTM type 4.1.1)  Any thoughts regarding sodium/potassium/lithium silicates. The floor has been sealed with 3 coats of “Dry Treat” so it may not get a reaction…if it is a reactive type of densifier to be used.
Just looking for a way to fill the pores for a biege sandstone (very similar to Himalyan) which is in a high traffic commercial area, and very difficult to keep clean.  

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