Baird-That looks like blue pearl-very dense stone.
 I think the acetone just picked up some soils on the surface.
Hard to see the detail in the pic but look under the sink and I bet a buck you find a selection of cleaners that contain waxes,sealers and the like. That smeary(yep thats the word!) look is just what it is I think buildup of those cleaners or soaps that havent been rinsed off enough over time. It probably just needs a procleaning and maybe spin some dark tin-ox or a good granite polishing paste. Test first.

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They have just been cleaning it. Nothing special. When I asked them about whether they used harsh chemicals they said no, but that doesn't mean they didn't. 

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How has it been maintained?

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From: Baird Standish <>
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Subject: [sccpartners] Polishing Granite counter that appears resinated

Hi.  I just took a look at a granite counter top that the owners want to have polished. I cleaned a test area and the counter appeared to have good clarity and gloss with no wear or scratches particularly.  But it does have kind of smeary (is that a word?) cast to it that leads me to believe that the top is coated with resin.  I did a test on an edge with some acetone and took out a faint black material, which I assume is not dirt.  I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to get the top looking better?  I assume that MB-20 and the like will not work so well.  Maybe I am not reading it right and the top is the real thing.  I am not sure how to test for this.
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Stu Rosen