I would go in and clean with an alkaline based cleaner, then use steel wool and crystallize the entire top. Apply and solvent based impregnating sealer. Allow th sealer to soak in for approximately 5 minutes , wipe off the excess sealer and buff off with a sheep skin wool pad and the job is done.


John E. Freitag

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Hi.  I just took a look at a granite counter top that the owners want to have polished. I cleaned a test area and the counter appeared to have good clarity and gloss with no wear or scratches particularly.  But it does have kind of smeary (is that a word?) cast to it that leads me to believe that the top is coated with resin.  I did a test on an edge with some acetone and took out a faint black material, which I assume is not dirt.  I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to get the top looking better?  I assume that MB-20 and the like will not work so well.  Maybe I am not reading it right and the top is the real thing.  I am not sure how to test for this.

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