It sounds like a knockdown finish which should have had a sealer applied. Should be able to either rub it out or try a little Iron Out and let it sit on the surface for a few minutes and reseal. Chances are it's a solvent based sealer (any shine will be solvent based) which you can get at Sherwin Williams or any concrete supply store. Maybe you can talk them into sealing the entire pool.

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 9:12 PM, Propartner / MarblePerfect <> wrote:

Hi partners,


Thanks for the replies to my questions last week.


Have a commercial client that had their indoor pool deck redone

Over about 6 months ago. Looks like they have some small scattered

Rust stains and some of this looks like it was tracked out of the pump room

This is more or less a scalloped type finish like they used to do on plastered ceilings

Any suggestions would be appreciated.










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