That wax needs to come off.  Wax is a lazy cheap way to try to hide imperfections and make a fake shine.  It traps dirt and os a maintenance plan nightmare on top of it suffocating the granite.  One option would be to break down the restoration into different appointments.  First to strip and make it healthy and then the next step at the next appointment...each visit would bring that surface closer and closer to its natural and healthier luster.  Then, they can pay bit by bit.

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Hi Partners,


I am looking for some feedback on this one. It is a lobby floor, several KSF, of lippy granite that has been maintained by waxing for at least two decades. The hotel is not in a position to restore the floor, unfortunately. I would like to provide another option beside putting finish back on it, after it is stripped, if possible. I am wondering if steel wool and powder would do much, or perhaps mb-20, mb-8? Any other suggestions?


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