Hello everyone,
The Stone and Tile School has just announced a date for Mike Marsoun's 'Stone Restoration Secrets' hands on course. Most of you probably know of Mike and already have his book or subscribe to his newsletter. For those of you that don't know him, he is considered to be an expert not only in stone restoration, but a guru when it comes to increased productivity and inside secrets that result in higher profits. He teaches everything from ways to get polishing powders direct, which chemicals cut the job down substantially, and many other trade 'secrets' to get the job done faster and cheaper and better. He is very sought after for quality work -- his client list includes names like Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and the Dell Mansion just to name a couple.
People have been asking him to teach a hands on course for a long time, and finally a date has been scheduled. Our Partners get 10% off and have first priority for spots. The course is expected to fill up soon though. (A overflow class is being considered.) For more info go to: www.thestoneandtileschool.com/srs400.php
Tile & Grout Restoration from A - to - Z
Also, the Tile & Grout Restoration Course is a hit and there are two dates registering now. A lot of you expressed interest in taking the course. The feedback I heard was that for those just getting into the field it was comprehensive and fully prepared them for getting started. For those that have been doing grout restoration for some time, what they got out of the course was ways to get the job done faster and better. Everyone remarked on how much Chris Blackerby (the instructor) knew and how much they learned. (Chris teaches ways to get started on a shoestring budget, too, if that's of interest to anyone.)
There is a video of what the students from the last class had to say. One of our very own Marx Sims was there so you can get a chance to 'meet him.' Go the the website: www.thestoneandtileschool.com/tg101.php to learn more about the class or to see the video.