We are going to work on an old clay tile floor.  The tiles were found under another floor . They are probably 80 years old.  I tested the tiles and they are made of soft clay similiar to terra cotta or saltillo and respond well to cleaning and sealing with SBS or Mexiglaze or the like.  My main concern is that the tiles are not set into any sort of wet bed and, although the tiles are placed end to end with no grout, there are gaps between the tiles.  I want to grout the tiles in some way so that water does not get in below the tiles.  I understand that this is probably not foolproof but better than nothing.  Am wondering what sort of grouting material to use that will adapt to varying gap widths between the tiles and will not be obtrusive.  I am concerned with any sort of hard material such as epoxy or even regular grout because it may not bond and will pull out.  Also I am trying to make it as unobtrusive as possible.  Some ideas i have include modelling or other type of clay, color-seal or some sort of thick gel type caulking material that will be flexible enough. Any ideas would be great.  There are some pictures below.
Thanks, Baird

IMG_3254.JPG  IMG_3251.JPG

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