Carpet spot removal

Put gloves on, wet, with water, and ring out, a white terry cloth towel, put over the spout, of the container of acetone, applying acetone to the damp rag, and lightly wipe spots. If you get any color on the white towel this means you are on the right track, however be careful not to rub the fiber too much as this will fray the carpet fiber. This will work unless it is bleached or color has been added to the carpet.  Any soapy or foaming type solution, if used, would need to be rinsed out or the spots will become worse over time, because of chemical left in the fiber, the acetone/water combination will not leave any residue to re-soil over time therefore it needs no rinse.  I hope this helps.

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On May 7, 2012, at 10:47 AM, Roger Konarski <> wrote:

Cust called and stated we left a few spots on their Capet. Yes we do cover outside our work area with drop clothes. Anyway, any recommendations on a spot remover for the carpet.

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