Hi Guys


I have been asked to grind flat, hone & polish 14,000 Sq. Feet of quartz tile that is the whitest and shiniest I have ever seen.



The owner has received the 12X24 tiles and is going to have them installed in his high end shopping mall.

The tile setter has found thickness inconsistencies and has determined the best solution is to flatten in place and re polish.


I have some sample tiles and am going to do a shop floor mock up on a piece of plywood but before beginning would appreciate you input.


I have worked on a similar textured and grainy tile – a sort of pink which apparently came from India. My biggest problem with that stuff was that it

showed edge scratching worse than anything I’d seen b4.


Intend to do a complete mechanical diamond resin pad grind,hone polish all the way to 3000 to try to duplicate factory shine without reliance on

any finishing powders.



Would appreciate your input


Thank You: