I would hone the interior up to 400 or 800 then 5X allow to dry overnight and then crystallize.


 Or if it is cement based you could hone to 220 apply the concrete densifler  then hone 400 , 800  and allow to dry over night then crystallize .




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From: Jason Francis [mailto:jfrancis@marbleglow.com]
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Hi everyone,

I have a 4700 SF new terrazzo job in a modern home, and want to bounce my ideas.


1700SF is exterior, exposed to elements white cement terrazzo ....I was just going to clean this up with 100grit resin, densify, and maybe 200 resin. I wasn't thinking not to seal. I did a sample and this seemed to look good, as they want a low hone.



Interior is white epoxy terrazzo. I was going to bring to 800 and light crystallize. Sample looked good. I know many, including myself, put coatings, acrylics, and sealers on terrazzo after diamonds, but it seems like this route looks better to me; and will be less maintenance. Do any agree?






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